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Jacksonville Beach


It's Your Space, Your Pace at STRIDE

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Your Space, Your Pace

At STRIDE, there's something for every speed. Our inclusive workout welcomes all levels, and you are encouraged to take every class at YOUR own pace. This month, we're take it a step further with 3 different rewards depending on the membership level that is right for you. Follow your local studio for full reward details!

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Start together, finish together, and get rewarded when you refer your friends to STRIDE.

The Stride Experience

  • Certified Run Coaches


    STRIDE Certified Run Coaches are more than instructors, they are motivators, supporters, and industry leaders. Through the STRIDE Certified Run Program (the FIRST indoor run coach certification), all coaches learn how to dynamically lead our class formats, practice safety and form correction, and empower clients of all ages and levels to hit their STRIDE.

  • STRIDE Stats


    As part of our comprehensive program, STRIDE studios offer heart rate monitors available for purchase to assist in collecting and tracking personalized data while you walk or run. This interactive technology delivers personalized metrics via our in-studio leaderboards and mobile app, allowing you to track your progress, hit new milestones, and celebrate your success.

  • Woodway Treadmills


    STRIDE is proud to feature Woodway 4-Front Treadmills in every studio. Utilized by professional sports teams and physical therapists, Woodway Treadmills have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissue, providing our members with a low-impact workout and making them ideal for clients of all ages and levels.

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